Adolf Luther's Works

The great theme of his art was making light visible as a reality in this world, so that is can be experienced in a truly physical way.

For Adolf Luther light was a tremendous reality; the basis for his work was his conviction of an imma­te­ri­al, invisible reality to light, which he viewed as polar to the mate­rial world.

His Light Sluices (1962),  Optogons and Concave Mirror Objects (beginning 1964), Spherical Concave Mirror Objects (beginning 1969), his instal­la­tions Focussing Room and Laser Room (1970), the Moon Project (1976) , and the large archi­tectural Integrations from the 1970s onward, all map out the individual phases in Adolf Luther’s Light Art.

The exhibition Luther at the Düssel­dorfer Kunst­halle in 1974 demonstrated for the first time that his works were preceded by developments in painting over a period lasting almost two decades.

Luther, who was self-taught in the field of art, experimented with the key systems of representation in twentieth century art, with the aim of arriving at new forms of pictures over and beyond the traditional panel painting.

Adolf Luther Foundation

was set up in 1989 by the Krefeld light and object artist Adolf Luther (1912- 1990) and in 1990 accredited by the State of North Rhine-Westfalia as a non-profit organisation founded under private law.


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