Space for Art

Space for Art

Die Studiogalerie der Goethe-Universität Frankfurt 1964-1968

Museum Giersch | Frankfurt a. M. | 18.03. - 08.07.2018

With Adolf Luther, Victor Vasarely, Rupprecht Geiger, Arman, Donald Judd, Jan Schoonhoven, Frank Stella, Thomas Lenk and others.

From 1964 to 1968, the General Students‘ Committee (AStA) of the Frankfurt Goehte University ran a gallery in the student building on the Bockenheim campus. Called the „Studiogalerie“, this establishment introduced the international avant-garde in art shows and events. The programme mirrored the latest trends in progressive, experimental art. Concrete Art, New Realism and Op Art, works of Hard-Edge and Colour Painting, but also Fluxus concerts of as the students‘ contribution to the democratization of art and society.

Founded in 1964 with a spirit of optimism – the belief in art as a means of changing its activities in 1968 within the context of the increasing radicalization of the student body. „Space for Art“ retraces the history of the Studiogalerie. A 1967 show entitled „Serielle Formationen“ is considered one of the highlights of that student initiative. It was the first ever to unite art by exponents of American Minimal Art, for example Donald Judd, Frank Stella and Sol LeWitt, with works by artists of the European avant-garde such as Jan Henderikse, Adolf Luther, Peter Roehr and Jan Schoonhoven. Cooperation with the Daimler Art Collection show in its essence.

The exhibition on the Studiogalerie is the Museum Giersch’s art-historical contribution to „50 Jahre 68“, a Goethe University project commemorating the epoch-making year 1968 with numerous events.

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